Château Vieux Maillet is now concentrated on the clay plateau, the “holy of holies” of Pomerol, between Petrus, Château l’Évangile and Château Gazin, following the acquisition of 3.7 hectares from Château La Fleur Gazin in March 2023.

The Château Vieux Maillet vineyard now covers 10.5 hectares on the eastern edge of the Pomerol plateau, close to the Saint-Emilion appellation. This exceptional terroir is made up of gravel on top of the famous blue clay, which better absorbs rain and puts less stress on the vines during periods of drought.

Naturally, 85% of the Château Vieux Maillet vineyard is planted with Merlot, the grape variety that underpins the splendour of the appellation, with the addition of 10% Cabernet Franc for freshness and fruit, and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, which ripens more slowly and brings freshness, good acidity and tannins to the wines.

Organic conversion was initiated out of firm conviction, and Château Vieux Maillet’s first certified vintage will be 2026.

Technological innovation: “intelligent spraying”. As soon as the vines are in fruit, drones fly over the Château Vieux Maillet vineyard to measure the reflection of light on the leaves of the vines and identify any fungi forming. This enables the geolocated tractor to treat the area with a minimum dose of organic product on the right vines in the right place.